In July, China's railways sent 20.7 billion passengers, an increase of 24%!
According to the official micro blog news of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., the railway summer transportation started on July 1, and the railway has sent 207 million passengers in total, 39.95 million passengers were added month on month, an increase of 24%. On July 25, Gansu express 3 network sent 7.9 million passengers to Gansu express 3.0 network, setting a new one-day passenger flow after the Spring Festival this year.

原料图 中新经纬摄 New longitude and latitude in raw material drawing According to the introduction of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., Gansu fast 3 network, first, according to the summer vacation needs to increase transport capacity. Dynamic tracking analysis of summer passenger flow transition, in accordance with the needs of summer vacation vacation visit flow, tourism flow, student flow and other needs, to implement the \ The second is to improve the summer sports service. On the basis of the preferential price measures for 25 intercity railways, and based on the full coverage of the hinterland high-speed railway and Intercity Railway e-ticket, and the large-scale implementation of the ordinary speed railway e-ticket on June 20, 119 stations of bai'a, Jingyuan, nei-liu and Qinghai-Tibet Railway in July have carried out e-tickets. Nearly 2700 stations of national railways have actually taken e-tickets, and more than 99% of railway departing people can enjoy them Thanks to the convenience of holding a valid ID card, the summer departure experience of tourists will be further promoted.

The third is to make overall plans for the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and flood control. Adhere to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, strictly implement the station and train temperature measurement, ventilation and disinfection, erect emergency isolation seat and other epidemic prevention measures. In view of the impact of the flood on railway transportation, the first and the last step is to ensure the smooth transportation of passenger trains. Measures are taken to shorten the operation of passenger trains in mountainous areas, reduce the speed of passenger trains in one-sided sections, and adjust the routes. The passenger trains passing through 14 lines such as Shanghai Kunming, Nankun and Xiangyu and 45 key flood control sections are optimized and adjusted to avoid risks and ensure calm. & × 8203;% 26 × 8203;% 26 × 8203;% 26 ×

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